heart beats & atom bombs
August 28, 2009, 10:06 am
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When terrorism dies,
And the nightsky cries,
When friends fight,
And there is no light,
When darkness kills,
And she takes sleeping pills,
When needles sting,
And in pain, you cringe,
When frustration builds,
And your fortune tilts,
When happiness fades,
And depression overtakes,
When time is limited,
And your heart is beatless,
When fairytales are fake,
And movies are a craze,
When agony consumes,
And betrayal resumes,
When rejections are many,
And the pulse is racy,
When mirrors shatter,
And children are in tatters,
When a country is defeated,
And stray dogs are cremated,
When love weakens my heartbeat,
Then atom bombs are nothing.