mein leben


Mera naam Oona hain, christened after Charlie Chaplin’s third wife. I am from the northeastern parts of India, from a green state called Assam which just happens to be bigger and more populated than quite a handful of countries in Eastern Europe. Speaking of Eastern Europe, I desperately want to backpack across Europe, and then South America. But Europe, oh Europe, comes first. Unfortunately, it is going to take me six years before I can embark on this journey and although I run very low on patience, I am willing to breathe slowly and contain my impatience and angst. By the way, my sister and I are fueled by wanderlust.

Other than this mission (which, I sadly add, is shared and, in some cases, have been accomplished by many globetrotters), I like to write. I am obsessed with fonts, I have an OCD for alliterations, I am fastidious about punctuation, and I am a grammar fascist (and not a nazi as the term usually goes because I know I am bound to make a grammatical blunder sooner or later). I am not motivated enough to write a novel so I just scribble digitally from time to time.

Like right now.

Yes, I iz a nerd.

(Oh, and I adore the lolcats!)



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