countless smiles under cover of the streets
November 3, 2009, 11:19 am
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Random photoshoot.

I swear I have jet-black hair :O


gingerbread girl

And I know I have dramatic facial expressions :/


smile you mean it - the killers

The rest of the pictures were in black and white, and I happen to like colour. So no more pictures >.<


The Torrid Trial Room
August 29, 2009, 7:32 pm
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I have a problem with trial rooms. I don’t like them. I really don’t. I don’t like the thought of trying on clothes that might have slim (or even fat) chances of fitting me; I despise trying on clothes that the salesgirls thrust into my arms because they think I’ll look “fabulous” in them when I know that I am going to look tacky (but I obediently try them on and pose for them anyway just to assure them that they’re doing their job well); and I especially detest wriggling in and out of my second upper-skin to try on second upper-skins! In short, I hate trying on clothes that may just belong to my overflowing wardrobe in trial rooms. In fact, if those of my kin did not accompany me on every rare shopping trip that I partake in, I would not even chance upon a session in any trial room, however gorgeously bedecked it may be.

Nevertheless, there does, after all, happen to be one thing that I do like about certain trial rooms. The four-walled mirrors that make every part of my body visible to my naked eyes (no pun intended)! And it is there, in the mirrored cubicles of trial rooms, where I take the opportunity to do what I am seventeenth-best in doing (as quoted from “My List of Things I am Borderline Best At”): posing and clicking photographs of yours truly!

And after being stuck within the newly-painted walls of my house for over a week now because of a pile of school work that spells imminent doom if it remains unfinished, I finally ventured forth into the polluted yet somewhat inviting atmosphere (in a totally non-jeopardizing way) of the city. I went shopping for… lingerie!

Alright, alright. Who am I kidding? It’s not lingerie, it’s just four months worth of fresh undergarments for boarding school. But really cute ones, mind you!

To conclude, I am one oddly happy girl who has no stereotypically happy reason to be happy whatsoever.

follow the black rabbit

follow the black rabbit

...and the meteoroid behind

...and the meteoroid behind

the first.
August 26, 2009, 10:35 pm
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I have a problem with “firsts”. I never seem to get them right. I always need an inspiration or, in other words, a “first”, for me to write my “first”. Now, I know that this makes me sound like an unthinking thief but I really am not. In fact, I’d say that my “first” is definitely drastically different and, if I may humbly add, better than your “first”. By “your first”, I don’t mean yours, obviously. I meant the general “firsts”.

Thus, with that being said, this is my “first”, and the weird thing about this is that I didn’t need your “first” or his “first”, neither did I need that caffeinated librarian’s “first” nor that lonely transvestite’s “first” as an inspiration for my “first”.

I think that this could be the “first” of many great things!